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What could I possibly tell you that would capture your attention and keep you rapt with enthusiasm?  Well, I don’t know either.  So, I’ll just stick with sharing the real real. Abstract SelfPortrait5

Before cavorting around the web and blogosphere as THE “Belle of the Babble,” I was born and have remained a southern belle, of sorts, with a little bit of a tomboy side, just enough sarcasm, and an over abundance of love for my fellow humans and my beloved and unique region of birth.  I have spent my life traipsing along the I-20 and I-85/I-75 corridors.  I made my debut and spent my childhood on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi before venturing to the Appalachian foothills where I spent my angsty high school years and, like every normal teenager, was biding my time and counting down the seemingly interminable days until I could bolt.  (It’s beautiful, but, honestly, how many teenagers do you know who are really concerned with the gorgeous mountain scenery?)

After graduation, I began inching closer to THE big city, the essential capital of the southeast, Atlanta.  By 20, I was there, all cozy and smitten with my Buckhead apartment and my walking distance commute to my Peachtree Road office snuggled between Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza.  I felt like Mary Tyler Moore, giddily strolling the city sidewalks in The Mary Tyler Moore Show – the only thing missing was the hat to toss in the air.  The world was my oyster.  I had life by the tail and all plotted and figured out.  Or so I thought. . .

After living every young girl’s dream of single in the city for several years, I lived in Chattanooga for a few years.  I then ended up back in the Magnolia state, married to a Mississippi boy like I always knew I would, and found myself  home in more ways than one.

I’ve had adventures in insurance, retail, multiple roles facilitating the farm-to-table/locally-sourced movement in my local area, and adventures in digital media/marketing/web design.  With the latter two still holding my heart.

I’ve loved getting to know you and all, but what about your blog?

I can’t predict what my inner stranger might share with you on any given day.  But… I can tell you it could be anything from unsolicited wisdom from life lessons I learned the hard way (I’ve heard there are rumors circulating about me being hard headed, I will neither confirm nor deny those rumors), to stories about darling doggies and being an unintentional cat lady, to recipes, infertility war tales, health things, artsy things (my “headshot,” – I use that loosely –  is abstract self-portrait I did and my header picture is a close up photo of another abstract piece of mine, so be kind, don’t say anything too mean…), and/or other random musings that come in on a whim.  And… I can almost guarantee one thing for certain: unfortunately for the short of attention, they will probably never be short. Maybe there are a few kindred souls who’ll read and relate anyway.



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