So, I’ve not yet shared the thousand and fifty blog posts I’d love to write and share about my, our, struggle with infertility.  For those of you out there struggling too, you are definitely not alone!  I, along with a whole wonderful and incredibly supportive community of fellow infertiles, got ya, sisters!  There’s a million ways to eloquently describe it, to share the heartache and little wins and the daggers to the heart, some small, some huge, but breaking with my tradition of long-windedness for the sake of time, I’ll make a long story short… IT SUCKS!

All the countless TWW’s (that’s two week waits for those not fortunate/unfortunate enough to know the lingo), have been agonizing!  And all to this point have ended in big disappointment and tears.  However, just like anything practice makes you better at it.  I won’t say “practice makes perfect,” there’s not much perfection in any of it, but over time, you learn better ways to cope with the obsessions about every twinge, pull, cramp, or random-seeming symptom and that ever present, nagging urge to test from day one of the TWW!    One of these for me is channeling my creative outlets…  I love to paint, to write, and I LOVE playing in the kitchen.  Also, along with these meds, for me, comes cravings for all kinds of things, amongst a plethora of other super pleasant side effects.

Well, I’m currently in the middle of the TWW of our 4th IUI.  I’ve gotten bitten by the kitchen bug something awful.  I went to the grocery store on Thursday morning.  2 hours and almost $300 later, I got home with the spoils of my battles navigating between the aisles of a Kroger under remodel.  As I’m putting away ALL THE THINGS (reference my ADHD posts…PLUS when trying to conceive, I do not take my adderall at all…), I’m feeling this immense joy about all of the things I will get to cook.  Like total dopamine surge!  🙂

I cooked lunch and dinner Thursday.  I whipped up breakfast Friday morning  and dinner Friday night, etc, etc… All in my new Instant Pot – more on that later.  (This is NOT an Instant Pot recipe, although there are plenty of instant pot recipes out there for cheesecake).

Saturday rolled around and once I’d cooked the roast I was doing for dinner and some rice for lunch, I had this unshakable craving for cheesecake!  I thought I had all the ingredients, but after I dumped the cream cheese into the bowl I realized I did not have any eggs. Oh the irony when in the middle of a TWW…

Well, y’all, there are plenty of things I am NOT AT ALL GOOD AT, but I fancy myself a sort of MacGuyver when in a pinch.  One thing I definitely am is resourceful.  And… One thing I am not is wasteful.  These little cream cheese bars were going to become cheesecakes.  It was their destiny and I was not going to let them down!

I went into resource mode and did a survey of my fridge and pantry.  After, I felt confident enough that I could *probably* make a cheesecake that would both taste good and have a good creamy texture.  Once these little minis were finished, they were a beautiful sight to behold in their imperfection topped with gold sprinkles.  One taste and my craving was swept away off its nagging little feet and I was decided that I would share the recipe for anyone else who:

(a) Needs something to do during a TWW.        (b) Is CRAVING cheesecake.

(c) Cannot eat eggs, but loves cheesecake.         (d)  Doesn’t have eggs on hand, but wants                                                                                              cheesecake.

Without further ado, below is the Chuck Norris of the MacGuyvered cheesecakes.  I might be biased, but in my eyes, it can’t be beat! 😉  Enjoy!

TWW Cheesecake - recipe 2.png

(PS, I uploaded the recipe as a picture file so that you could download and save or print off just the recipe if you’d like, so feel free to do so! … You’re welcome!)


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