Why Babble?

But Why Face

Why did I start a blog?

In a nutshell:

  1. Because I have lots of useless (and perhaps a few useful?) things rolling around in my head that for some reason I feel the urge to share, despite knowing most folks have better things to do than to read them.
  2. Apparently, the amount of words I am capable of and prone to sharing can get exhausting to some folks, and unfortunately for my incredibly verbose self, those folks include my husband and family.
  3. Writing is incredibly cathartic to me.  I truly enjoy when I slow down and get those thoughts out of my head and onto paper or screen, I feel lighter when they leave me.
  4. Sometimes, the things that weigh heavily in my head and on my heart are also weighing heavily on someone else’s too.
  5. And… the “me toos” are what connect us, comfort us in hard times letting us know we’re not alone, and make the glad times extra sweet knowing the celebration extends beyond us.  I know this because the countless times I have happened into a conversation with a stranger who quickly became a friend over a “Me too!” and the countless times I have read something in a happy, sad, or lonely moment that elicited a quiet “Me too!” have showed me so.

 (More on the “Me too!” here: Really?!? Me too!)

Yours truly,

“Belle of the Babble

(Maybe not the “Belle of the Ball,” but ever a proud torch carrier for the overly verbose and  word-loving, say-a-little-in-a-lot-of-words-ers.)



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